I’ve been learning TouchDesigner for the past week or so I’ll have more reasons to post as I finish more creations. It won’t be one a day for quite awhile while I familiarize myself with the interface and design flow. If you don’t know what TouchDesigner is, it looks like this:

That patch is what created the little diddy up top. My thanks to Matthew Ragan who created the tutorials I’m currently going through right now. If you want to learn this kind of stuff, go to his website. It’s an incredibly powerful platform for making generative art and what you’ve seen doesn’t even scratch the surface of its capabilities.

Anyways, here’s an entry from my journal.

I am an electron.
An electron contained in an inorganic ion
Sent from a machination of membranes
To deliver a message.
The forces that sent me
Are beyond my control.
The effects of my message trigger events
Outside my reach.

The only agency I possess is whether I decide
To spin up
Or down.

The macro organismic universe may see me
As random. My effect will be stunted
By decoherence. But the choice
Is mine.
or Down

Thanks for reading.

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